about suse

About suse pears. Well. Where to start?

suse is an indie author and content collaborator.

Overall, suse has been crafting stories for as long as she can remember. The urge to get the words out so that others could read them goes back a very long time. Unfortunately so do many other creative hobbies and the necessities of paying the bills.

In 2014, she published – with some encouragement at the time – the first of the scifi novels in the slip/stream series. Thanks, St Rob.

The second slip/stream novel has been finished, binned, and redrafted more than once. At the time of last update, early 2024, it feels likely to be finally finished this year. Let’s see, shall we?

After that there’s likely to be a third, but suse might veer off wildly and write something else instead. Who knows? She certainly doesn’t.

about suse

Anyway, what else is there to know about suse? Having tried a number of things over the years she has settled down for now. She lives with The Husband, The Young Person, the dog pack, and a variable number of chickens. Enjoying the quiet contentment of middle age, she wonders what a midlife crisis will feel like.

She lives in England. No, not the leafy green bit with the great summers. It’s possible that those exist only in the literary works of other authors. The England that she knows is a lot wetter and has more concrete and tarmac. Look, just find a map of England and guess where ‘the north’ becomes ‘the south’. Yes, somewhere near there.

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