slip/stream series

The slip/stream series: science fiction written and published by suse pears, set in an original universe.

iteration 1: red right hand is the first in a planned trilogy, serving almost as an introduction to a universe and our cast of characters through which we will explore it. Lev is a man with a past, a serious kind of past that brings serious people in pursuit. The problem is, he’s got cranial damage and wetware failure. That, and a chronic case of self-denial. So he knows he needs to stay running, but is not entirely sure what from… and he prefers it that way.

iteration 2: ghosts picks up where red right hand finishes, continuing a story of discovery and laying bare Lev’s truth to himself. A fast-paced blend of story arcs that draw together the lives of many people and bind them fast together. Due to be published in 2024.

iteration 3: valkyrie will conclude the story arc, for those of you patient enough to stick by an indie author who needs to also have a full time job to pay the bills.

slip/stream series: red right hand

red right hand

suse pears

If we don’t know who we were, can we know who we truly are now?

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suse pears

Who are we haunted by, if not ourselves?

coming 2024

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suse pears

How far would we go, if we lost everything we love?


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